YouTube prepares to offer ad-free experience

Could YouTube have come up with a brilliant, win-win situation for itself, its Partners, and its users simultaneously?

According to an article on, YouTube recently shared with its Partners that they are planning to implement a subscription-based service for viewers. The service appears to still be in its preliminary stages, but for a monthly subscription fee (in which the price has not been revealed yet), consumers can watch content without being bombarded by ads. Viewers will have the choice to continue using YouTube as a free service, and experience ads during a visit, or become a paid subscriber, and avoid seeing ads all together. Although changes to terms are said to go into effect on June 15, 2015, the actual roll-out of the subscription service for users is not yet confirmed. It is possible YouTube will be phasing in the change.

The subscription-based service does not just benefit users, however. For YouTube Partners, it would mean additional revenue opportunities, on top of the revenue they now receive based on advertisement placed on their content watch pages. According to YouTube’s updated Partner Program Terms, Partners will receive a percentage cut based on subscriptions. As a YouTube Partner, you can simply make more money based on the volume of subscribers and monthly views of your content. Details of the Updated Terms are as follows:

So, does everyone win with this upcoming change? For now, I’d say so in such ways:

  1. Users will have the choice to opt out of seeing ads that are distracting them from content viewing.  I like having options. As a consumer of YouTube content, I finally have the option to have an uninterrupted, ad-free viewing experience.
  2. YouTube Partners get a cut of subscription revenues simply from having subscribers to their content.
  3. It goes without saying, YouTube itself will benefit from a percentage of subscription revenues as well, increasing their overall revenue.

As a YouTube Partner, or simply as a user, are you excited about this new change?