POV: Yahoo's Firefox deal will change the 2015 search landscape

Yahoo is now the default search provider for Firefox 34 users. With this change, Yahoo should see an uptick in search volume, and in turn generate additional ad revenue from the added click volume. 

In our new POV, we examined the natural search data representing 200 million visits from clients representing luxury and retail apparel, to consumer electronics and software. We also looked at a wide range of client traffic across industries and measured Search Engine referrals to their site(s) for an inside look at search traffic referral sources.  

Based on this analysis, we’ve developed 4 easy to digest sections around the marketing implications of this change, and guidance on how to approach paid and organic campaigns accordingly. Check out our new POV, How Yahoo's Firefox Deal will Change the 2015 Search Landscape, and learn:

  • The expected changes to the search landscape.
  • How the change could affect your brand’s traffic.
  • How to approach your SEO campaigns going forward.
  • How to approach your Paid Search campaigns going forward.

For advertisers, it’s now more important than ever to optimize for Bing.