What social buzz means for the NFL Draft

NFL fans at iProspect and around the world are abuzz about the upcoming draft. There’s much speculation about which team will choose which player.

What if the outcome of the draft could be predicted, or at least hypothesized, based on social buzz and data?

This is where our innate curiosity took hold. The Data & Insights team here at iProspect joined forces with ICUC, the leader in social moderation services, for a jaunt into the world of sports.

We studied the social web for a two-week period (March 25, 2013 – April 7, 2013) to tap the pulse of online conversations about the 2013 NFL Draft.

Through the monitoring of major social media networks – as well as message boards, blogs, forum, comment threads, and more – we were able to identify trends and determine public opinion about which teams will select which players in the draft.

Access iProspect’s latest infographic  – “The 2013 NFL Draft According to Social Media” – to learn more.