Vote for iProspect in the iMedia Awards!

It’s an exciting day - we’re happy to announce that iProspect has been nominated for two iMedia Awards this year: Best Agency for Search and Best Agency for Direct Response. Thank you to the iMedia community for your recognition.

I’m so proud of iProspect’s heritage in search. As one of the first in the industry, iProspect has managed Search on behalf of brands since 1996 while also pioneering remarkable innovations. iProspect truly understands that behind every search is a person. By using signals like declared and inferred intent and deep consumer insights, iProspect creates digital and search strategies that return the most relevant answer to each individual’s query. Our search expertise allows us to excel across the entire integrated digital performance marketing spectrum - bought, owned, earned and content channels.

I’m also beyond pleased with our nomination for Direct Response. We have demonstrated a superior ability to differentiate clients' offerings from the crowd. We are excellent students of our clients’ consumers, making it possible for us to effectively target with the right, action-oriented messages and response mechanisms. We also diligently measure campaign outcomes.

That said, I’m asking for your vote!

Voting concludes on November 14, 2015. You’ll need an iMedia account to vote. If you don’t already have one, the process is easy.

We truly appreciate your support!