Twitter's tailored audiences could bring retargeting to mobile

Retargeting, a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool, changed the digital marketing game when it was introduced. Advertisers looking to target customers who mulled a purchase on their site but didn’t complete the transaction have thronged to ad retargeting opportunities across the paid landscape.

Twitter has now released a retargeting product; available globally. By utilizing cookie ID’s and an ad partner, marketers can now find users who have been to their website, or even particular sections of their website, and serve them highly relevant and targeted ads on Twitter. Beta results indicate this is going to be a game changer. According to Twitter’s official announcement, two early beta testers, HubSpot and Krossover, saw promising results. Hubspot saw a 45% increase in engagement, and Krossover saw a 74% decrease in cost-per-acquisition.

Twitter’s offering may be particularly interesting to marketers since it has the potential to bring retargeting to mobile, a platform which lacks cookie tracking. As TechCrunches’ Josh wrote, “retargeting is a challenge on mobile because of the absence of cookies, but people often use their Twitter account on both their computer and their smartphone, so the company can tie the identity of a mobile user to what they do on the computer.”

Twitter has evolved greatly over the past year. The introduction of Keyword Targeting helped us capture real-time intent at a level we were previously only able to capture with Paid Search. Then they acquired Bluefin and launched TV conversation targeting to to target users at multiple touch points to leverage the evolving multi-device TV viewing experience. The future is also looking bright. eMarketer estimates that the net US mobile ad revenue for Twitter will increase 95.2% next year. (eMarketer2014 US Mobile Ad Spending Forecast)

It’s important to note that right now, in order to launch with this product, advertisers need to work with one of Twitter’s approved partners who have “completed all of the technical integrations with us and has the knowledge to guide you through the set-up process.” These partners are: 

AdaraAdRollBlueKaiChangoDataXuDstilleryLotame, QuantcastValueClick, and [x+1].” Also of note, users who have DNT enabled or who uncheck “promoted content” in their privacy settings will not see these ads.

Tailored audiences presents another platform differentiator to Twitter’s suite of promoted products, helping digital marketers leverage social platforms to target potential users further down in the funnel. Check back often with iProspect to stay up to date on best practices and results in this evolving space.