iP Summit 2018

The 2018 iProspect Client Summit: Personalization in Colorado Springs

Last month, members of our team headed to Colorado Springs to attend the 2018 iProspect Client Summit. We surrounded ourselves with the great outdoors of Colorado and the clean, crisp air, while learning from our colleagues, clients and partners about The New Value Equation. 

Over the course of two days, we explored humanity, technology, innovation and personalization, among other imperative topics to our industry to allow us to come together as one and discuss what the future may bring. 

Together with our clients, we were able to uncover new and exciting ways to connect with consumers and how we can better understand them to create these seamless connections. In doing this, we are able to better plan for the remainder of 2018 and envision a world where every offering is completely personalized to the individuals we are trying to reach.

This year’s content included an inspiring and eye-opening presentation from Gerd Leonhard, Futurist and Humanist, Author, Keynote Speaker, CEO The Futures Agency, Zurich / Switzerland. In his session, Gerd dove into humanity and begged the question of what humans will do in the future vs. what technology will overtake. The hour-long session looked at what it means to be human and the industrial revolution to come from our ultimate clash with machines.

Joel Grossman, iProspect’s Chief Technology Officer, also hosted a timely session on personalization – a word that we hear all too often, but many times don’t know what it truly means. Joel enlightened us on how to use technology to better reach consumers and ways to make that journey more exciting and innovative.

I encourage our readers to go through the Summit video library, whether you were there in person or not. It is a great way to hear this content for the first time, or relive it nearly a month later. There are so many interesting insights from our clients and industry partners in these videos that are certainly not to be missed. 

I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks to our team, as well as this year’s speakers and partners. It was an incredible week of learning, networking and celebrating and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. I’m already looking forward to the 2019 iProspect Client Summit – more details to come on that soon, but I hope to see you there.