Taking a Moment to Recognize our Wins

We are excited to announce that iProspect together with our client partners (Chevrolet Performance, Lids, Bank of America and The Limited) are three-time winners at the recent Search Engine Land “Landy” awards and three-time honorees for the OMMA awards. Our account teams and specialists are passionate about developing the most effective strategies for each client. Each custom solution and campaign harnesses the power of data, technology and consumer insights to fuel smart buys and cross-channel optimization. 

Chevrolet Performance and iProspect received top honors with wins at the Landy Awards and the OMMA awards. We never take for granted the opportunity to collaborate with a legendary brand like Chevrolet Performance. Together, we developed an SEO strategy and migration plan that breathed new life into Chevrolet Performance online, particularly in the mobile. The Chevrolet Performance team was thrilled with the results. “I always learn so much from iProspect,” said Angela Brown, Marketing Manager, Chevrolet Performance. “Your leadership not only kept everything operating efficiently and effectively, it took our brand to a whole new level in the digital realm.”

In addition, iProspect and Lids won gold for "Best Retail Search" at the Landy Awards. Lids wanted to find a way to use bids during March Madness to compete efficiently and successfully against their competition. To reach this audience with the right message at the right time, iProspect leveraged automated bid increases in near real time to capitalize on fan excitement and enthusiasm. “After nine years working together on March Madness campaigns, coming-up with a new PPC approach that would yield these kinds of results was not easy,” said David Seifert, VP e-commerce for Lids. “But, we can always count on iProspect to come to the table with smart ideas that drive the kind of performance we expect."

OMMA recognized Bank of America for excellence in SEO, a result of Bank of America's goal to nurture an “eye-level” conversation with consumers. Together we focused on two things: website content and bidding on key questions like “how to get a home loan?" or “how to save money?" The campaign was well-targeted, high quality, and SEO-optimized. BOA’s content was perfect for the Google Answer Box. The brand saw immediate success by pioneering new ground in voice search.

Last but not least, OMMA honored The Limited. Together we identified their core customer, including knowing specifically what she wants.  With this new customer profile in-hand, the team developed a detailed optimization plan, including expansion of core SEM strategies, CTA testing in ad copy, and the integration of several technologies and tools. We paid special attention during key promotion periods.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists this year, and to the iProspect team and our clients!