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Pinterest Announces New Video Format: Promoted Video at Max Width

Pinterest launched the first version of Promoted Video on their platform two years ago. To date, video has proved successful in inspiring users, ultimately resulting in influencing Pinners’ purchase decisions. Pinterest states that their users are more invested in videos from brands on Pinterest than on other platforms, pronouncing that 67% of video viewers say that Pinterest videos inspire them to take action, whereas only 32% of users state this on other platforms. Pinterest also declares that their users are 2.4X more likely to make a purchase after watching a video, compared to their competitors. Based on this success, Pinterest is introducing new video formats on August 1st, 2018 to all advertisers with a business account and billing arrangement.

Pinterest’s new Video at Max Width format will take video on the platform to the next level resulting in more focus on the brand’s video and less distractions for the user. Max Width Video spans wider than Pinterest’s standard format, aligning with mobile first best practices. Video will now be available in both 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios, as well as the previously available 2:3 ratio. Compared to Pinterest’s current autoplay video offering, the Max Width Video format takes over 300% more real estate for only a 50% increase in CPM.

While Video at Max Width won’t be widely available until August, brands within retail and entertainment verticals tested the new video ad unit during the alpha/beta phase.

What’s next for advertisers?

Once widely available, advertisers will be able to capitalize on this ad unit to drive brand awareness and purchase intent via promoting in feed, from a browse and search perspective, with autoplay functionalities on a CPM buy. This new video format now aligns with standard Facebook and Instagram video specifications, allowing advertisers to scale video assets across more platforms. It will also allow advertisers to test in feed videos across multiple platforms, without changing specification ratios, in a more accurate fashion.

In the interim, advertisers can connect with their Pinterest Marketing Partner to start planning fall and holiday video campaigns and strategies, as well as browse how Pinterest finds a competitive edge in the planning stages, for more information on how Pinterest is elevating its platform for advertisers. Below are best practices to take into consideration when preparing for Max Width Video on Pinterest.

  • Sound: optimize for sound on, sound will play upon closeup
  • Length: recommended 6-20 seconds
  • Ratio: think mobile first, overall a square (1:1) proportion will take up more landscape on mobile devices
  • Brand: logo/message should resonate with users within the first 2 seconds
  • Content: brand storytelling and instructional videos, such as how-tos, resonate best with Pinners
  • Quality: prioritize content quality over length
  • Retarget: advertisers can retarget users who saw a Promoted Video with Promoted Pins

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