POV: Penguin 2.0: Google continues its effort to reduce web spam

This past week, Google released the next generation defense against web spam. Referred to as Penguin 2.0, this new update affects approximately 2.3% of English search queries, and is a more comprehensive version of the original Penguin update released in April 2012.

This new Penguin algorithm change is focused on devaluing, or penalizing manipulative internal and external linking practices, that can sometimes result in low quality websites appearing on the first page of search results. Link spam includes paid links, automated comment or forum spam, and unnatural use of keyword targeted anchor text. According to Matt Cutts, Head of Google’s web spam team, sites using these manipulative link building tactics will not rank well by the end of this summer.

In addition to the release of Penguin 2.0, Cutts claims that Google’s web spam team will continue to combat manipulative linking practices throughout the next few months. Google will specifically target advertorials, advanced linking schemes, and link networks as they makes an effort to cut off the paid link suppliers.

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