Natural Search Trends Report 2013 2014 YoY

Doing SEO is hard. Doing it right is even harder.

From 2013 to 2014, we saw an overall increase in the traffic and conversions attributed to natural search. In addition, the reach and influence of SEO and natural search are growing at faster rates than those related to paid search.  Despite impressive performance, SEO continues to be an often-overlooked (or even actively avoided) opportunity for brand development and sales growth. While many brands are deterred by the heavy resource demands, the brands that do invest time and dollars in strong SEO are positioning themselves for long-term stability and success

Working along with Steve Beatty, Senior Director of Owned Media, we have prepared an executive-style report based on a review of the in-house analytics data of more than fifty U.S.-based brands whose SEO efforts are managed by iProspect. The sample includes data more than 1.1 billion natural search results and represents $2.4 billion in natural search revenue. While the report focuses on broad year-over year (YoY) performance, the trends and insights gleaned provide useful benchmarks as we look ahead to 2015 and the SEO opportunities that await strategic, performance-driven brands.

Your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy plays a critical role in defining your brand’s customer experience – the way customers discover you, connect the dots between their needs and your products, and ultimately engage and convert. 89% of people use search engines in making a purchase decision and 71% of enterprise purchase decisions begin with a search.

Brands will need to address all aspects of SEO from the technical foundation and infrastructure to the insight research to the creation and distribution of content. More than any other digital marketing tactic, SEO needs to be approached as a holistic and cohesive practice, not an ad hoc campaign.

In this latest report, the natural search experts focus on:

  • Overarching trends & primary KPI’s across seven key verticals
  • Predictions for 2015
  • A case for integration of PPC and SEO efforts 

In 2015, it will be increasingly important to make the investment in smart, comprehensive SEO strategies.  Are you ready?

Download our "Natural Search Trends & SEO Performance Report 2013/2014 Year-over-Year" report now.