My Summer at iProspect

I was so excited to spend my summer interning at iProspect!  When I received the news, I quite literally began jumping up and down for joy. And now, in the final weeks of my summer internship, I wanted to write this blog to reflect on my experience and offer up some advice for anyone about to embark on an internship.

While my three years at TCU and the Business School prepared me in many ways, there are some experiences you can only get in the real world and at a company like iProspect. Like anyone starting a new job, you look forward to the day with anticipation.

Luckily any nervous jitters were immediately forgotten once I waltzed through the front door into a room full of friendly, welcoming faces, as eager to learn about me, as I was to learn about iProspect.

You get as much out of an experience as you put in. I encourage anyone starting an internship to set clear goals as you go in. Here were my 5:

Goal #1: Touch all areas of Digital Marketing
By working across six different clients, I experienced firsthand how all the areas of Digital come together. Thanks to the well-planned structure of the internship program itself, the other interns and I had the opportunity to attend various learning sessions across digital channels like SEM, SEO, content marketing and more.

Goal #2: Actively seek out feedback after each assignment
Thanks to my superstar supervisor for sharing valuable feedback each week. Only by asking for feedback, could I grow and prepare for the future.

Goal #3: Actively participate in and out of the office
During my first week, I had the awesome opportunity to take part in iProspect’s Volunteer day #OneDayForChange2015. I also attended many (delicious) Lunch & Learns, two Livestreams with Dentsu Aegis CEO Rob Horler and iProspect President Jeremy Cornfeldt (Jeremy was even live right here in the Fort Worth office), two cross-office PPC hangouts that proved to be both fun and very insightful, and even a RANGER’S GAME (my first one too) with the entire Fort Worth office. The fun times never end at iProspect!

Goal #4: Take initiative and lead a project of my own
I learned the language of scripts, and, before I knew it, become the go-to person for any script-related questions. I am proud to report that I created and implemented a script that tracks historical quality score on the keyword level. Google doesn’t save historical quality score, and we found this tool to be most useful to identify and improve low-scoring keywords.

Goal #5: Add real value
I have been able to achieve some big wins that provided unmatched value and allowed me to make my mark in this office.  My first call with a client was so exciting. I prepared part of the paid search portion for a QBR and got to see my work pop up on the SERP…a very fulfilling sight I might add!

For future interns, I wanted to offer up some final words of advice:

-   Create good first impressions

-   Maintain your professionalism & prove your dependability

-   Ask questions

-   Communicate with your supervisor…a lot! I promise they don’t bite J

-   Ask for feedback & show appreciation

-   Exhibit a can-do attitude & always take your assignments seriously

-   Be the one who volunteers to take on the extra work right away and without hesitation—be confident

-   Set realistic goals and expectations and exceed them

-   Meet deadlines

-   Communicate respectfully

-   Be flexible, and a team player

-   And, most importantly…HAVE FUN!

-   P.S. “Control + H” = the Find & Replace function shortcut…you will want to remember this one

I am overjoyed to say that this experience has helped me decide that digital marketing is a career path I am interested in pursuing. Thank you iProspect for creating an accepting environment, in which I was able to showcase my skills and abilities while developing as a person, building my network and creating lasting friendships along the way. And finally, thank you to everyone who helped me this summer with a special shout out to the adidas paid search team and my pod buddies Bethany Burkett, Keri Boerner, Ryan Halsey, Brandon Heller, Sammie Phillips, and Matthew Smith.