Meet the Affluent Influencer: Your Most Important Customer

On September 19, iProspect invites you to meet the Affluent Influencer: your most important customer.

Our soon-to-release study "Affluent Influencers: How Marketers Can Understand Their Generational Difference & Tap Into Their Authority" is designed to help marketers better understand the “Affluencers” in their audience. This research, conducted by iProspect’s Luxe Group, was specifically structured to capture findings applicable to marketers both in the luxury space and beyond because affluent consumers interact with many brands in their daily lives.

The Affluencer’s preference for your brand creates a ripple effect that extends far beyond their personal loyalty. Not only do they have the discretionary income to support your business directly, but they are also trusted and can exponentially spread positive affinity and awareness.

We wanted to uncover how to best attract the attention, pique the interest, and—most importantly—earn the trust of this influential demographic. You need to understand in detail how Affluencers:

  • Think – values and attitudes
  • Live their lives – activities and interests
  • Spend their time – online and offline
  • Influence others – behaviors and categories

That’s where this research comes in.

We took a deep dive into the preferences, generational differences, and crossover points of the affluent Millennial, Baby Boomer, and Gen X generations to uncover the characteristics of those who influence decisions and determine how to harness their buying power most effectively. In the same way that Affluencers sit at the hub of their social circles, acting as a central source of advice and opinion, smart brands incorporate themselves into the Affluencer’s everyday life in a variety of ways and connect all the touch points into a reactive, adaptable, and cohesive experience.

Download the infographic for a sneak peek at the study’s findings join the conversation using #Affluencers.