MediaPost Names iProspect Search Agency of the Year

We’re thrilled to announce that MediaPost named iProspect the OMMA (Online Marketing Media and Advertising) Search Agency of the Year! This is a huge honor for our agency, particularly given our acquisition of Covario (a three-time winner of this award) in Fall 2014. The acquisition strengthened iProspect’s core expertise in search with a strong, effective SEO strategy. I believe this recognition highlights our determination to grow strategically, be the industry’s foremost digital performance marketing powerhouse, and also fortify our agency’s longstanding heritage in Search.

For more than 20 years, Search has done its best to return results for peoples’ queries. Today, Search has evolved to an unprecedented level of sophistication. It’s now a personal conversation at scale. Engines serve as answer engines for our most personal and pressing questions. There is nothing that we won’t ask the Internet. Advancements in connectivity and proliferation of multiple screens and connected devices mean that people have never had more information at their fingertips. They have also never been as inundated with non-relevant information. Astoundingly more content was created in the last 24 hours than was created from 1993 – 2013 combined.

The consumer appetite for knowledge is insatiable and their expectation is that search queries will return relevant and helpful information. There in lies the opportunity. A brand that produces valuable answers to each consumer’s personal questions begins to create meaningful connections and build a loyal consumer base. How is this done? Brands and agencies must listen well first. Then, instead of serving up general marketing messages as responses, they should reply with useful, valuable, quality information.

As one of the first in the industry, iProspect has managed Search on behalf of brands since 1996, while also pioneering remarkable innovations. iProspect truly understands that behind every search is a person. By using signals like declared and inferred intent and deep consumer insights (pulled from CCS), iProspect creates digital and search strategies that return the most relevant answer to each individual’s query. Our search expertise allows us to excel across the entire integrated digital performance marketing spectrum - bought, owned, earned and content channels.

Thank you to MediaPost for this recognition and Award!