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Leapfrog Brings Proprietary Marketing Technology to iProspect

Today is a big day for everyone at iProspect because we have announced that we are acquiring Leapfrog Online.  Leapfrog is a performance marketing solutions company that is primarily focused on landing page optimization and personalized content delivery through 1st and 3rd party data integration.   Leapfrog, like iProspect, started in the mid 90’s and they built a business and a technology platform that improves and personalizes the consumers experience with the end goal of increasing conversions.  

At a time when improved efficiency, effectiveness, and personalization for our clients are critical, Leapfrog brings to iProspect a strong team who are experts and a flexible technology platform that is leading the industry at unlocking data. The challenge within the industry is figuring out how to make data actionable.  Our approach is to recognize that behind every data point is a person and if you use this as your starting point and create a custom experience that speaks to a person's interests and intent, the best results will follow.

Leapfrog comes to iProspect with a technology platform that can deliver against this promise.  The Leapfrog LFX conversion platform ingests data and dynamically customizes the users experience to develop that one to one relationship that every brand desires.

Leapfrog has 150 employees all based in Evanston, IL right outside of Chicago.  Over the course of this calendar year we will work to fully integrate Leapfrog into the iProspect family and in parallel we will be actively introducing the Leapfrog technology to our iProspect client base.

This is an exciting time in our space and it’s a very exciting time at iProspect.  We need to continue to stay ahead of change and deliver the best results for our clients.  The addition of Leapfrog into the iProspect family ensures that we will deliver cutting edge solutions for our clients.