Google's Customer Match Released

Google made a quiet announcement on their blog yesterday that we predict will have a resounding impact on search marketing strategy in the immediate future. The new “Customer Match” product allows advertisers to use their email and CRM lists for customized bidding and targeting strategies in their Search, YouTube, and Gmail Sponsored Promotions campaigns.

As consumers become savvier and the search landscape becomes more competitive, customized segmentation will become critical for digital advertisers. The ability to effectively target the right customer at the right time with the right message will increase the effectiveness of any marketing campaign, and this new release is one more extremely useful tool in the search marketer’s belt.  

The most immediate “out of the box” integration will be an extension of advertisers’ current RLSA strategy. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) have been a huge success for many iProspect clients across a number of different performance goals. In fact, we’ve seen conversion rate and ROI more than double from effective implementation of RLSA. The addition of a brand’s proprietary CRM lists will immediately increase scale of these tried-and-true strategies.

A few use cases to consider

Custom Experience for Key Segments: Customize the messaging and landing page experience for key audiences. For example, a retail brand that sells men and women’s clothes can direct users to the appropriate landing page based on their prior purchase behavior, even when the gender is not specified in the query. 

Scaled Bid Strategy based on Customer Lifetime Value: Adjust bids and budgets based on the value of each individual to your business, in real time. 

User Exclusion: Remove current subscribers from paid marketing efforts. For example, an energy company can remove current customers from their customer acquisition campaigns.

Align Messaging Cross-Channel:  Ensure searchers who are on your email list see ads that reiterate the messages and promotions delivered through email and serve a different message or promotion to searchers who are not currently receiving promotional emails. 

Next steps

  1. Let your iProspect account team know that you are interested! They will work with the Google team to get the functionality rolled into your account. Please note that Google has indicated that this will be available in the “coming weeks”.   
  2. Brainstorm effective integration strategies based on your CRM/Email database.
  3. Work with your CRM/Email partner to develop the lists.
  4. Start planning your Holiday marketing strategy.

Erika Wall, Regional Director of Paid Search, West, contributed to this post.