Three ways placing higher-ranking emphasis on authorship will improve the search experience

Since announcing the Google+ authorship markup back in 2011, Google has hinted at the importance of connecting an author to each piece of content, but only recently announced that “information tied to online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification” in the future.

This is great news to legitimate website owners, authors, and search users – and here are three reasons why.

Google+ Authorship Cuts down on Spam

As Author Rank gains significance as a factor in determining search results; it will likely be targeted by spammers looking to purchase links from author’s posts – or paying certain authors to endorse their product within an article. 

Years ago, someone who built up a PR7 website was able to cash in on selling pointing to low quality websites looking to improve their rankings. The anonymity made money-hungry website owners willing to link to anything or post an article about anything. While there will still be some who abuse their strong authorship status, there will be much more reluctance toward posting an article link about “male enhancement products” and “online gambling” if a person’s identity is attached to the endorsement.

Authors create content – websites do not

Whether you like their new website design or not, Mashable is a great place to find informative, entertaining content. Why? Because they have great writers. If one of these authors were to start their own blog or write content for another, weaker website, there is no reason to suggest that this content would be significantly lower in quality. Meanwhile, authors who are not a part of a larger successful website will have a greater opportunity to have their content found within search results if they take a nomadic approach to publishing their material online.

Win/Win Collaboration between Authors and Website Owners

While many authors have acquired strong SEO skills in an effort to improve their readership, it detracts from time and effort that could be spent doing what they specialize in – creating awesome material. Authors just starting out with a new blog will initially have trouble getting found due to the lack of Google trust in their website’s material. A great way for an author to get an initial boost in readership and authorship credentials would be to get featured on various already established websites. In return, the website receives great content that will attract more visitors to their website without having to engage in a guest post link exchange process.