Google announces Enhanced Campaigns

On Wednesday, February 6th, Google announced a significant change to their AdWords digital advertising platform. This new functionality, called “Enhanced Campaigns,” offers advertisers new bid management features based on a user’s location, device, and time of day.  Google aims to simplify AdWords account structures and help advertisers identify and optimize toward new opportunities for success in a multi-device world.

Features like bid boosting, sitelink management and new reporting are excellent additions to AdWords functionality. While the new features are compelling and beneficial, they are counterbalanced by the news that Google is removing the device targeting functionality that is currently available.

The majority of Enhanced Campaigns changes affect paid search. Look for Google to release more information about how Enhanced Campaigns affect display advertising on AdWords in the near future.

iProspect has prepared a POV which includes more detail on what we consider to be the benefits and concerns of the new features in Enhanced Campaigns.