multiple pieces of pizza on a wooden board

Facebook Really Wants You to Order that Pizza

Last week, Facebook announced a new release to its platform called Food Ordering, a seamless way to connect consumers with local businesses and their favorite foods. Facebook will collaborate with both online ordering hubs like and DoorDash, as well as restaurants such as Jack in the Box, one of Dentsu Aegis Network’s (DAN) newest clients that iProspect will be working with, to give consumers the power to order their go-to to-go, all within the app.

Give me the scoop (pun intended)!

In addition to already allowing for food and place recommendations, consumers can now “Order Food” through the Explore section in the Facebook navigator. After browsing through restaurant options and finally deciding what to eat, consumers select “Start Order” and log in with their existing account, or quickly sign up.  Then they choose from a delivery or take out service based on the restaurant’s options and enjoy the simplicity of having food on demand from within the Facebook environment where consumers are already spending more than 30% of their time on mobile.

Facebook continues to release new features to its platform, generating a centralized hub for day-to-day needs. A recent partnership with both Uber and Lyft offered “Requested a Ride” via the Facebook Messenger app.  Consumers can also now pay their friends through Facebook Messenger.  Most recently, Facebook Watch was released promoting original content from creators and publishers to a community of fans. All three of these new offerings, in addition to Food Ordering, allow Facebook to provide seamless ways to travel, interactive ways to collaborate with friends, exposure to new and unique content, and most importantly, now order their favorite foods.  Without ever really noticing Facebook has done a great job capturing their consumers attention quickly and keeping it within their offerings, causing greater time spent on the platform. For advertisers, this means additional, qualified inventory.

What’s next?

Integration into Facebook, Instagram, and even Messenger’s paid offerings provide an obvious evolution to “Food Ordering.”  New feature releases tend to avoid ads to give the Facebook audience a chance to develop their own user behavior before monetization is allowed. At iProspect, we are predicting that in the future, advertisers will have the ability to drive consumers to the “Order Food” hub to promote their restaurants, similar to a traffic driving or store visits campaign. As Facebook creates more ways for consumers to interact, the ability to find more engaged consumers on the platform in the future it highly probable.  

Jordan Jacobson, Regional Director, Paid Social, also contributed to this blog post.