POV: Facebook's Move From Impressions to Valuable Links

Just two weeks ago, Facebook unveiled a revised cost-per-click (CPC) definition. The new definition states that advertisers bidding on a CPC basis will only pay for “link clicks” (“valued click” engagements) based on campaign objectives. Advertisers will no longer pay for all click types, including but not limited to likes, shares, and clicks that enlarge images regardless of a campaign's goal. 

So what’s a valuable link click according to Facebook? Clicks on call-to-action buttons that link offsite, (I.e., “Shop Now”), clicks to install an app, clicks to Facebook canvas apps and clicks on a link to view a video on another website. This latest update is designed to provide stronger measurement that more closely aligns with bidding strategies. 

The main differentiator between the previous oCPM bidding and the newest CPC model is that now advertisers pay per link click, not per thousands of impressions.  

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