CPC costs are up on Google AdWords

The Paid Search industry is concerned about rising trademark CPC and rightfully so.  iProspect and others in the industry have seen drastic and unexpected increases in CPC for brand keywords, especially core trademark keywords on Google AdWords. We have also uncovered a previously unreported development: dips in brand impressions related to the CPC increases.

In this POV, we report on actual CPC increases seen by several iProspect clients for their trademark keywords on Google AdWords and unpack why these changes are happening.  

At iProspect’s request, Google has investigated this trend.  However upon review, they did not identify any issues with our keywords or with their ad serving system.  Based on this response, iProspect believes this will be an ongoing concern for advertisers and in the POV, we provide our recommendations for how advertisers should respond to these unexpected CPC increases.

Read more in our POV "Brand Keyword Visibility Down, CPC Up on Google AdWords" today.