Facebook icon on phone screen

Changes At Facebook: What Does It Mean to You?

On the heels of Facebook’s impactful News Feed algorithm update - an apparent sacrifice for the greater good by stressing more meaningful interactions amongst its community at the expense of time spent there - the social media trendsetter is not finished with enhancements. It just announced that organic post impressions will now be counted the moment a pixel appears on a user’s screen, which aligns with how paid impressions are calculated.

According to Facebook, this change will improve Page Insights and thus help businesses better understand the results that matter most to their bottom line without causing any change in other engagement metrics or News Feed distribution. It will benefit publishers and brands by offering more precise and consistent measurement reporting across paid and organic but it could result in lower reach numbers due to this stricter style of reporting.

Specifically, Facebook warned publishers to expect a 20% decrease in the organic reach of their posts so it is important to manage expectations. Previously, organic page reach had been overstated as it was calculated based on the number of times a post appeared on someone’s news feed. Now, businesses will be able to determine the exact reach of both their organic and paid posts.

With more data regulations and less distribution of organic content, the importance of one social tactic- influencer marketing - continues to rise. This is one of the reasons why iProspect is emphasizing influencer marketing more going forward.

Businesses need to be agile by adjusting to a new and forever changing marketing ecosystem and incorporating influencers within a marketing mix is no exception. The keys to a successful influencer marketing strategy are to identify your main objective(s), align with the interests of your target consumers and collaborate with suitable influencers, which can be greatly facilitated with social data and listening.

The result of Facebook’s recent changes is clear - the News Feed is increasingly becoming a pay-to-play arena for businesses, meaning they need to put their money where their mouth is to be heard. Subsequently, paid social is more important now than ever before as it has become a vital component to the recipe for success. Influencer marketing may prove to be an important exception to the rule and the future of social media marketing will be heavily impacted by how Facebook decides to regulate influencers, so stay tuned!