Truth about Content Marketing

Championing the Marriage of Content Marketing and Customer Engagement

You might be forgiven for considering “content marketing” a buzzword. It’s getting a lot of attention in digital media, and with good reason. The truth is, content marketing isn’t new at all—it’s been a part of traditional advertising for over 100 years. But, there’s a big, expanding digital universe out there. The number of channels on which brands communicate today is only increasing, and marketers are under more pressure than ever to create quality content at a rapid pace.

Developing content is critical, but it only delivers a return on investment if it is relevant to the audience, accurately measured, and ultimately drives the desired consumer behavior. The true value of content marketing isn’t only in the polished product we distribute, but in the way customers engage with it. Is it relevant? Does it solve a problem, encourage a laugh, or stir an emotion? Is it integrated across every digital platform? Is it successful at driving the desired customer behavior and delivering against real business objectives?

Or, is it unfortunately just content for the sake of content?

In our latest whitepaper, "The Truth About Performance Content Marketing", we have identified the 4 essential steps for successful content marketing. We invite you to read and share this insightful piece as we unpack the strategies and tactics required to create, amplify and measure content that truly performs.