Being Relevant Matters.

Take a minute to think about how you personally operate online.  If you’re anything like me, you navigate your digital life in a state of organized chaos.  You might be shopping for a birthday present, and then you’re back to your email, and then you’re searching for kitchen remodeling tips, and then back to your work, and then you’re on Facebook.  All in a matter of minutes.  I’m not alone in this – we all operate this way.  

As a marketer, it’s your job to decipher these patterns in your customers.  And, the only way to do this is by ensuring that all of your teams (Search, Social, Display, etc.) are operating together with a holistic knowledge of the customers’ behavior.  Because, truly understanding your audience is the single most important factor in being a successful, relevant advertiser. You’ve got to know who you’re talking to, when you’re talking to them and what you’re offering in that moment. Your customers seamlessly move across all digital channels and platforms, and they expect you to be in the right place at the right time.  It’s the difference between annoying your audience and adding value to their daily lives.  

Following are the four strategic questions you need to answer in order to be relevant.  You can leverage the answers to these questions to benefit your campaign and your business goals.

  • Who are you talking to?
  • What content are you suggesting?
  • What is the context around your offering?
  • What is your history with this individual?

To see an example of this strategy in practice, follow this link to our recent work with Hilton Worldwide.

Watch our video, "Being Relevant Matters" now.