Back to School: How marketers can better connect with teens on mobile and online channels

Today we’re excited to unveil the findings of our new study into the online and mobile behaviors and preferences of teenagers.

Access your copy of the study, "No Boundaries ≠ No Rules: Marketing to Today’s Digital Teen" and our infographic to learn how to better connect with this important demographic.

Much like our study last year on the online behaviors and preferences of affluent males, we saw an opportunity to tap into a demographic that brand marketers know very little about.

The main takeaway for marketers? While teens are consuming entertainment in myriad of ways – on cable, on Netflix, on a tablet – they are also tweeting, chatting, and texting about what they’re currently watching. And it is this layered personal and social ecosystem that is the place for a brand to make relevant, lasting connections with teens.

Simply put, there are no boundaries for teenagers consuming information in today’s world. While 90 percent of teens said TV was a primary source of entertainment information, social media and radio came in at 79 percent and 68 percent, respectively. Notably, only 10 percent of teens say they watch live television.

In the age of DVR and YouTube, digital media gives brands the opportunity to connect with teens where they “live” – on the Internet, their mobile devices, and via on-demand venues like Hulu. It provides the tools needed to create engaging content that sparks valuable conversations, and can deliver important insights via monitoring tools and performance metrics.

Our e-book contains invaluable content for marketers seeking better ways to connect with the elusive teen demographic.  Read the study now: No Boundaries ≠ No Rules: Marketing to Today’s Digital Teen.