A live example of Google-Twitter integration

Earlier this year, Google announced a renewed partnership with Twitter allowing them to quickly access and index tweets in natural search results. Twitter’s goal is to grow its user base by creating a unique experience for relevant search users, while Google wants to create a richer search experience with relevant up-to date information from Twitter. Both parties have been very tight- lipped about how this will look, just stating that users will be taken from search results to a specialized Twitter landing page that will prompt non-signed in users to create an account. The announcement of this partnership has started rumors. As Google has begun to scale back Google+, it may be trying to acquire a successful social network like Twitter.  

iProspect has just found a live example of Twitter in Google mobile search results this past week. The example shown below is for a brand-specific search query for a company name. For these queries, Google is introducing a rich snippet into the Google Search results that shows the most recent tweets from the brand’s account.  

Recently Spied Google-Twitter Firehose Integration Test 2015:

Search & Social: This is your wakeup call

While this may not be the only way that Google utilizes data from Twitter, it does emphasize the need for social and search teams to closely coordinate activities together. Social can now be used to intercept and engage users in these types of branded search results for instant updates on the brand. This supports a continuous a pain point in natural search: new pages or recent events for a brand can get overshadowed by news outlets. Brands can now leverage Twitter to assist in owning that conversation and directing users to the most relevant information. Search and social teams need can start working together in the following ways to completely capitalize on the future rollout of this feature in Google by:

  • Building out integration strategies to align search and social communication strategies.
  • Reviewing social content calendar to identify where the channels can align on key milestone social events.
  • Scheduling monthly touch base meetings between search and social teams to identify what’s working or if there is something new to take into consideration.

Is this it?

Google will slowly roll out more features and functionalities, as they had have previously included an area of the search results pages solely dedicated to display trended Twitter social data (as pictured below). The example we discovered is just a sample from a limited user test, so make sure to keep evaluating your search results. You never know when you might find something new.

Google Realtime Twitter Results from Previous Firehose Integration in 2011 (above)