Search Marketing in 2014 & Beyond

Search still has tremendous untapped potential as we look toward the future.

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Digital technology and convergence are creating a consumer-centric world where search is both the catalyst and the conduit for the entire consumer experience. Discover the tremendous untapped potential of search along with the major themes and predictions for 2014 and beyond.

Today, every screen can become a transaction point. As the consumer’s journey to conversion continues to both fragment and accelerate, understanding how search works with all other media to drive behaviors and purchase will only continue to become more critical. 

In this paper, iProspect explains how digital technology and convergence are creating a consumer-centric world including:

  • Why search is where digital marketing started and where it's going.
  • Why search is the digital marketing tactic that's as valuable to consumers as it is to advertisers.
  • An overview of the three important themes that will shape the future of search in 2014 and beyond. 

Looking ahead, search still has tremendous untapped potential.

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