MediaPost Programmatic Insider Summit

When: August 21-24, 2016

Where: Lake Tahoe, CA


Hear from our Director of Programmatic, Vincent Rinaldi, at the "Making Cross Device A Strategy Not A Tactic Panel" on Tuesday, August 23 at 9:30 AM.

If brands want to use always-on connectivity to weave their way into everyday lives, what is the master plan? It is not just about the screen size or audience matching. Going cross-devices does not stop after vaulting the technical hurdles of ID tracking, creative sizing and measurement. It is more about why a brand wants to reach that user at different moments in their lives and whether they have something that matters in those moments. A panel of seasoned cross-screen marketing experts will weigh in on what a genuine cross-device strategy looks like for different brands.

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Director of Programmatic