Optimizing for Voice Search: Real Talk About AI and Intelligent Agents

When: June 15, 2017

Where: Webinar


In partnership with AdWeek, Jeremy Hull, VP Innovation, along with Christi Olson, Bing Ads Evangelist at Microsoft, and Peter Francis, VP Digital Sales at T-Mobile, speak about optimizing for voice search.

Consumer behavior around search is changing and voice is at the heart of that change. Digital assistants and intelligent agents are shifting the emphasis from keying words into a box to speaking them in natural language. So how do marketers adjust their strategies to the rapidly developing world of voice-based conversational commerce? 

Join Bing, iProspect and T-Mobile to explore the opportunities that AI and voice search create. You’ll learn about optimizing campaigns for voice search, including:

  • Bing’s exclusive search data on consumer behavior

  • Insights from iProspect on the performance marketing implications of voice search

  • Real-world advice on using intelligent agents from T-Mobile

Register here for the AdWeek webinar on Thursday, June 15th from 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET.

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