Twitter releases richer analytics

Twitter recently rolled out an update to their analytics reporting that reveals organic vs. paid impressions and engagements, as well as a breakdown of the aggregate “click” metric.

“This impressions metric tells you how many times your Tweet has been viewed on Twitter’s Android and iOS apps or on You can view the total impressions on a Tweet, as well as an hour-by-hour breakdown for the first day of that Tweet. You also get insight into total impressions for all your Tweets in aggregate over a 28-day period.” –Twitter

For some time now, Twitter has been updating their reporting platforms with marketers in mind. With the advent of the video analytics tab and a few other tweaks to the overall reporting, there are now more ways than just retweets to measure the success of tweets. Updated metrics allow us to see the breakdown of “clicks” that were otherwise only reported in aggregate, so in addition to the classics (follows, retweets, favorites) we can see embedded media clicks, detail expands, link clicks, user profile clicks and clicks on hashtags.

How this will affect Marketers

With this new data, marketers can see which types of content are creating the desired engagements. For instance, video cards will obviously be engaged with differently than link posts, but we can see what copy is creating retweets, replies, or even just clicks with these new analytics. This, in turn, will lead to more accurate recommendations and targeting moving forward, potentially allowing for increased engagement rates and decreased CPEs.

So, what does all of this mean for the future of Twitter and engagements? One could surmise that this could potentially lead to other bidding types aside for CPE and lead to bidding for more types of engagements. Perhaps CPM bidding? So go forth and test out the new plethora of data. Set up test campaigns for different metrics and drill down into which engagements are most important to you.