Search marketing: Why it matters more than ever

Let’s face it; the balance of power has shifted. Consumers, not corporations, are driving their own personalized experience with brands.  In today’s consumer-centric world, search is both the catalyst and the conduit for the entire consumer experience.

Long before the word “convergence” was a regularly mentioned digital marketing concept, iProspect – the global leader in performance marketing – was delivering holistic search strategies designed for today’s hyper-connected consumer.

Today, the experts at iProspect released a paper to clarify the critical – often undervalued – role search plays within the larger, digital ecosystem.  Search is the only digital marketing tactic that’s as valuable to consumers as it is to advertisers.

What three important themes will shape the future of search in 2014 and beyond?

  • Personal: Hyper-customized messages based on both primary (keyword) and secondary (contextual) signals will help advertisers greatly increase relevance and improve conversion.
  • Adaptive: Integrated data sources will enable the delivery of much more accurate, immediate, and influential search results.
  • Predictive: Ultimately, search will be able to provide an answer before any question has been asked – anticipating the consumer’s needs based on behavior patterns.

Download the full whitepaper, Search Marketing in 2014 & Beyond: Why it Matters and Where it’s Going, today. And, join us in this exciting conversation @iProspect using #search.

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