Q2 2019 Digital Performance Report

Marketers today face a challenge of understanding and adjusting to shifts in the consumer experience. Brands and agencies need to stay ahead of the curve, keeping up with changes and testing from major platforms like Google, Amazon and Facebook to maintain a strong relationship with target audiences.

In the newest iteration of our Digital Performance Report, we saw a shift in how consumers are shopping online. Although Amazon continues to dominate eCommerce, other retailers like Google Shopping, Target and Costco are increasing their efforts, making them critical for ongoing testing for retail brands. Additionally, we continue to see an increase in search on mobile devices, up to 61% in 2019, with 64% of searches starting on Google.

This report offers key takeaways from Paid Search, Paid Social, Paid Platform Merchandising, Multicultural Marketing and SEO and analyzes data from our portfolio of brands, all of which are managed by iProspect U.S.

What you’ll learn from the Q2 2019 Digital Performance Report: 

  • How to use automation for Paid Search to expand and learn – monitoring tactics across different engines, advertisers and industries.

  • The importance of emerging platforms, such as TikTok and Reddit, and how to put budget toward reaching consumers in these spaces.

  • How to invest in multiple content formats to ensure no lapse in connection to consumers.

  • The critical need to understand target audiences and think holistically about multicultural marketing.

Download the full Digital Performance Report for more details on how to capitalize on the changes happening within our industry and what you need to consider for the remainder of 2019, as well as planning for 2020.