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POV: Q4 2018 Digital Performance Report

Last quarter, we evolved our previous channel reports, combining them into one holistic view of digital performance. As consumers continue to evolve and shop across a number of channels, we as marketers also need to look across all channels to truly understand how to reach customers and personalize experiences to reflect what each individual is looking for.

In this second iteration of our Digital Performance Report, Q4 was all about the holiday shopping season – how it lived up to our expectations, what channels performed better than others and what tips we can utilize, not only for holiday shopping in 2019, but the rest of the year as well. This report offers key takeaways from Paid Search, Paid Social, Paid Platform Merchandising and SEO and analyzes data from 210 brands, all of which are managed by iProspect U.S.

Select key takeaways from the Q4 2018 Digital Performance Report:

  • Lean into video. With video continuing to rise, work closely with your teams to identify new opportunities to get into the space. As the next frontier for how to reach consumers, it is critical to understand video and get in now.

  • Make personalization a top priority for 2019. Create custom, authentic messages that resonate with your audience. Not only does this build trust, but it also creates loyalty for your brand and keeps consumers coming back for more.

  • Maximize First-Party data over Third-Party data. We’ve seen this trend across all channels, as Third-Party is no longer the optimal solution for tracking and understanding users.

  • Capitalize on times that are less competitive. While the week of Thanksgiving is critical for any brand, it is also important to focus efforts on other times of the year so retailers don’t lose momentum. Times when there is less competition will help put your brand ahead in the long-run.

Download the full report for more details on how to get the best return on ad spend and continue through 2019 with strong outcomes.