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POV: Digital Performance Report: February 2020 Edition

Once marketers reach the New Year, they have already begun planning for the holiday season ahead. Part of that planning process is taking a moment to reflect on the good (and bad) from the previous year. And we’re here to help.

In the newest iteration of our Digital Performance Report, we examined performance trends from the holiday period, noticing an increase in spend among all of our partners. During the Cyber 5, Amazon Marketing Services bolstered revenue for clients with 33% growth quarter-over-quarter. Additionally, consumers have continued to become more comfortable making purchases on their mobile devices, with product listing ad impressions up 17% and clicks up 19% year-over-year, making mobile more important now than ever before.

This report offers key takeaways from Paid and Organic Search, Paid Social, Marketplace and Retailer Optimization, Display and Online Video and analyzes data from our portfolio of brands, all of which are managed by iProspect U.S.

What you’ll learn from the February 2020 Digital Performance Report:

  • The importance of engaging with consumers on the SERP through visual ads.
  • The need to think beyond Google when it comes to SEO, and the importance of building out more video content.
  • Understanding where your audience is (especially with a critical year of elections coming up) and putting them first to activate on all platforms.
  • Important lessons from the 2019 holiday season that can be used for planning for 2020.

Download the full report for more details on how to capitalize on the changes happening within our industry and what you need to consider for the remainder of 2020, ahead of a critical year of the election, Census and Olympics.