Our definition of performance: Different and better

“There’s never a dull moment at iProspect.” – Sam Huston, Chief Strategy Officer

“Everyone’s excitement about what they do allows us to approach things in a different way.” – Jack Swayne, VP Product & Services

For myself, “It was a dream job. The job I had always wanted.”

Simply put, at iProspect, we’re passionate about helping marketers answer a consumer’s expressed need while driving measurable business outcomes.

We created this short video to bring our passion to life through the candid words of our leadership team.  I hope this articulates what we do, but most importantly why we do it.

To us, performance means being different and better. True performance happens when brands successfully present meaningful solutions to consumers’ needs by employing the right technology, specialism, and insight to achieve measurable business outcomes.

Digital channels are the only place consumers actually tell advertisers exactly what they want. Insights from your digital campaigns enable you to provide consumer experiences that are personal, adaptive and valuable.  This could include reshaping an entire business strategy, changing consumer behaviors, identifying content whitespace to sell your product or service, or all of the above.

Consumers will tell you amazing things if you listen.  And we’ve been all ears since 1996.

I invite you to discover what drives our team.