POV: One-click social commerce

Twitter and Facebook’s latest integration of the “Buy Now” button signals an evolution in the mobile payment space. Plus marketers can now execute direct-response social campaigns without ever taking the user out of the platform.

The “Buy Now” button should not be viewed as an opportunity to clone existing digital DR efforts onto Facebook and Twitter. Instead, marketers should work to better understand how their target consumer uses the social platforms and when and how they prefer to shop. Once they have this data, they can then make shopping easy and exciting on a social platform.

If executed poorly, shopping campaigns might be viewed as an interruption of the social ritual or ignored completely. If executed properly with a holistic and integrated approach, brands will likely discover social as a revenue stream and users will be happy to have one click commerce brought to the social medium because its delivering value to their experience.

Learn more with our newest POV: One-Click Social Commerce which covers:

  • Reasons why one-click commerce is a mobile payment game changer
  • How it can simplify the path to purchase
  • The benefits to both brands and social fans (when executed correctly)
  • A few cautionary tips when integrating one-click social commerce