iProspect named "Best Agency for Performance Marketing" at iMedia Agency Awards

Last night, iProspect, the leading global digital performance agency, was named “Best Agency for Performance Marketing” at the 4th Annual iMedia Summit Agency Awards in Bonita Springs, FL. The prestigious awards recognize the year's most inventive, future-forward agencies and campaigns in digital marketing. Nominations and voting were open to the iMedia community, including top-tier agency representatives and solution providers.

To be recognized by the iMedia community as the "Best Agency for Performance Marketing" for the third year in a row is a great honor for our team. Thank you iMedia community and to all who voted!

Today, advertising is less about being “in your face” and more about reflecting the needs of the individual consumer. It’s about offering something relevant to your most important consumers. So if someone is a Facebook fan, or following you on Twitter, or simply part of your loyalty program, it’s all about understanding that person, not just seeing him or her as a consumer of products.  It’s about knowing that a certain mom has two middle schoolers and looks for deals on Facebook and then acting on that information to create a meaningful value exchange with the consumer.  That’s what’s going to truly set brands apart in the future.

iMedia acknowledged iProspect for successfully growing some of the world’s most sought after brands, including Hilton, GMC and Chevy, by utilizing effective search and performance marketing strategies based on a clear understanding of a client’s business. iProspect excels in developing innovative ways to generate awareness, intention and action, while delivering data-driven insight through the length of the customer journey.

Interested to see how we bring these ideas to life? A few examples from our innovative clients:

Hilton Worldwide

Real-time marketing is about meeting people where they are, understanding their unexpressed needs, and providing relevant solutions. In the travel market, Mother Nature’s whims routinely influence bidding-by-weather search strategies, but iProspect and Hilton Worldwide wanted to create a one-of-a-kind solution - offering available lodging to stranded airport travelers. This captive audience had specific, urgent needs that Hilton knew they could respond to with the right real-time search solution. In an impressively short timeframe, Hilton has seen direct and immediate revenue growth, based on leveraging a custom scripting technology to respond quickly and with scale.

See how Hilton answered the plight of stranded travelers.


The power of great storytelling is undeniable. Sharing engaging content creates a memorable experience and influences brand perception. The biggest insights however can be found in the ways people interact with content. Auto manufacturers, like GMC, are good at producing vehicle-specific, branded content, but third-party research sites (Edmunds, Cars.com, etc.) generally perform better on critical un-branded search terms. GMC and iProspect capitalized on the un-branded opportunity to intercept undecided shoppers at the search engines and drive consideration. GMC was the first automotive OEM to go live with this kind of content-driven, lifestyle-themed SEO strategy.

Read the full strategy behind this content-based approach.


This American automaker wanted a new approach to extend the life of their 2014 Super Bowl TV buy. They also wanted to endear their brand to a new group of consumers and raise awareness for “Purple Your Profile" in support of the American Cancer Society. iProspect and Chevy successfully delivered their message of hope and support to a specific,  non-traditional (cancer/charity interest vs. truck enthusiast) audience using paid search and social to amplify the message, increase accessibility, and drive consumer participation.

See how “The Purple Your Profile campaign helped Chevy to reach a new audience.

Thank you iMedia!