Hilton answers the plight of the stranded traveler

We’ve all been there...looking up at the Departures Board…delayed, canceled, canceled.  Then, the inevitable becomes a reality.  You’re stranded at a random airport with no place to spend the night due to a snowstorm.  It’s such a frustrating feeling.

Hilton wanted to do something about it.  What if it was possible to revolutionize search using current technology to offer stranded travelers an immediate, helpful solution?  And what if that strategy tapped a new audience and drove significant, incremental revenue? The iProspect team was challenged to create a powerful tool to accurately serve real-time, incident and location specific ads based on actual flight cancelations.

The initiative took off in the top 30 markets with airports with high cancellation rates.  When the newly designed data feed tool indicated higher-than-average canceled flights, the automated bidding script triggered an increase for regional, incident-specific keywords until midnight that day. Ads included geo-targeted messaging in response to searches like  “Hilton Near Chicago Airport” and a “Book Tonight” site link.

Because Hilton was able to respond quickly and with scale, they efficiently and effectively reached exactly the right audience with a much-needed (and appreciated) solution.  It was a complete success!  The campaign increased reservations and revenues, and most importantly made new and existing customers feel good about Hilton.

Watch our video about this innovative campaign below.