Gaming: The Intersection of Connection and Culture

Gaming has become the intersection of connection and culture, a mainstream lifestyle with millions of people playing, watching and discussing every day. It is also a passion with tremendous amount of buying power. As advertisers strive to connect with their audiences, it becomes increasingly clear that the best way to reach this community is by embedding their brand into gaming culture. 

Brands can be part of shaping gaming culture through finding the right moment to create a meaningful experience by leveraging technology, intellectual property, commerce capabilities, and innovative partnerships. While these experiences require lead time and effort, they have the greatest impact on this active and passionate community.

Dentsu's latest global report 'For the Game' provides an in-depth look at how gaming content is being consumed across 21 markets, exploring the extent to which social and mobile technologies are shaping gamer's experience as well as their motivations for engaging online. Read the full report here.