Feed Your Mind, Fuel Your Career

Top employees know that learning doesn’t stop after you enter the workforce. In fact, they realize that a commitment to continuous learning and professional development is one of the most important keys to career growth. iProspect takes a proactive approach to supporting our employees by providing a wide array of learning and skill-building resources and opportunities. We offer everything from an instructor-led course on how to be an effective manager to training for your AdWords certification. Whatever you need, we have you covered. 

Here are five ways iProspect supports employee career growth:

iProspect University 

No matter what role is at iProspect, you will become very familiar with iProspect University. iP University is a learning platform that houses an insanely huge knowledge archive that is constantly evolving and expanding as the digital landscape changes.  The tool provides online content relevant to all digital channels and provides training courses on all of our service offerings. What makes this platform so valuable is the effort and expertise our internal Subject Matter Experts bring to the task of curating the content. We are the best at what we do because of the hyper-talented people on our team, and we have these people training the rest of our team. 

Route 500 

Route 500 is our high-potential development program. Offered by our parent company, Dentsu Aegis Network, this program identifies future leaders and helps them build their capacity to perform at a higher level by providing mentorship opportunities and ongoing guidance. The 18-month program is intense and gives participants the opportunity to work on a variety of robust initiatives. Throughout the program, team members have the chance to work closely with executive leadership, and also to build new working relationships with other emerging leaders who take part in the program. We know that our employees are our greatest asset, and we know that investing in the tools that will help them succeed will only help us grow stronger.  


How many companies get to partner with Google? Not many, but we do! NEXTGEN is an exclusive program designed for iProspect in partnership with Google. This collaborative program helps our team members learn the principles of digital strategy, technology, and management via exposure to a variety of world-class speakers, case studies, and group projects. More than 180 employees from around the globe have the honor of participating in this program each year and top NEXTGEN performers are invited to participate in a two-day brand challenge at Google.  Participants in the NEXTGEN program gain invaluable experience that they can’t get anywhere else and get to connect with fellow employees from all over the world. 


Have you seen how many courses are on Lynda.com?!?  With so much to choose from, you could get lost just trying to figure out which courses to take. Luckily, we have an AMAZING Learning & Development team who have done that work for you. They have curated recommended playlists that are specific to each position in the organization and which cover all the most requested topics. 

Tuition Reimbursement 

Have you ever thought of going back to school? I know I have, and I love the fact that iProspect supports this dream. Our team is fully committed to helping our employees gain new knowledge and enhance their skill sets through learning opportunities with outside resources as well as all the internal resources we’ve made available. 

Want more info? Watch and listen as Matthew Smith, an Account Director in Fort Worth, shares more insight into all the great learning opportunities available to iProspect employees.

Video previously posted on The Muse.