POV: Digital Performance Report: November 2019 Edition

Marketers today face a challenge of keeping up with this constantly evolving marketplace. Consumer trends are rapidly changing – a feat only outpaced by the changes coming from partners and platforms. With all of this in mind, it is more critical than ever for brands to be aware of the changes coming, and truly understand the audiences they are trying to reach. This will set them up for a successful future, especially ahead of the 2019 holiday season.  

In the newest iteration of our Digital Performance Report, we saw a significant increase in social spend targeted toward video, especially given its ability to reach different demographics across platforms. Investment in video increased by 19% and engagement jumped to 44% since Q3 2018. Google Shopping also continues to make waves, with ad clicks growing 10%, most of which is driven by the huge increase (25%) in mobile clicks year-over-year.

This report offers key takeaways from Paid and Organic Search, Paid Social, Marketplace and Retailer Optimization, Display and Online Video and analyzes data from our portfolio of brands, all of which are managed by iProspect U.S.

What you’ll learn from the November 2019 Digital Performance Report:  

  • How changes to the browser cookie – especially in Safari – will impact brands in early 2020. 

  • What key last-minute tips are important to remember this holiday season based on our learnings from the past two years.

  • The importance of having an innovation budget in place to capitalize on new advertising platforms, formats and targeting options.

  • Lessons from Amazon’s Prime Day and how brands can prepare for the next event in 2020.

Download the full report for more details on how to capitalize on the changes happening within our industry and what you need to consider for the holidays, as well as planning for 2020 and beyond.