Culture is King

Everywhere you look there are articles or blogs chattering about company culture. You’re probably wondering if culture is actually that crucial to a company’s livelihood. Well it is! The culture of an organization is what makes it unique and gives it that special flavor to stand out amongst the competition. More than ever company culture is key to attracting the right talent. With the workforce demographic changing and millennials becoming such a substantial part of the overall population, a company's culture is key. iProspect understands that happy employees are more innovative, better teammates and strive to always learn and improve. Check out four ways iProspect drives company culture across the organization.


iProps is a company-wide recognition program; it hands the power to employees to shine a spotlight on their colleagues for outstanding performance and day to day contributions to the team. iProps is a point system, for each recognition you receive a number of points. Once you accumulate say 50,000 points you can trade them in for exciting merchandise, gift cards or experiences. The iProps catalog has everything you imagine from iWatches to gas grills a KitchenAid mixer and Kate Spade handbags; there really is something for everyone, the options are endless.

Employee Experience Team (aka 'The EE Team'):

The EE Team is a group of cultural leaders in each office that plan bonding events throughout the year. Their ideas are always unique and exciting. Our teams across the US have done everything from attend a San Diego Padre’s game, visit the horse track in Chicago, compete in Office Olympics, to celebrate National Picnic Day by grilling hot dogs out on the patio. The best part about this group is that it is employee driven; these individuals spend countless hours coming up with new ideas to enhance our work days. These guys and gals are the creative genius behind the curtain and are essential to iProspect’s culture.


iProspect isn’t just about internal company culture but also about spreading that culture to the communities where we live and work. iCare is our corporate social responsibility initiative.  As an organization we love to give back to the community; our employees have spent countless hours contributing and volunteering for various nonprofits. Our teams participate by giving blood, raising money for the 'No Kid Hungry' campaign, donating food to local food banks and we also support the Movember Foundation. Whatever we can do to enrich our communities, iProspect is there to lend a hand.


The number one way iProspect fosters culture is by having the right people on the inside. Digital is constantly in flux and changing daily. Our employees truly are experts at their craft and the thought leaders that are guiding industry. When you work with the best, you get the best out of your team. Our leaders push our teams to be bold and take risks. These innovative thinkers make iProspect the global powerhouse it is today!

To hear more about our office events curated by the EE Team, check out this short video.

Video previously posted on The Muse.