Create Your Career Trajectory

Who likes change? Not me! Instead of switching jobs every few years, why not focus your efforts on growing within one organization? Professional growth and advancement takes work.  It’s often comprised of having a great mentor, ongoing professional education, collaborating with colleagues, taking on challenging new projects and even business travel.

At iProspect, we give our employees the opportunity to thrive in the workplace. We foster an environment that focuses on career growth. In 2015, we had 174 internal promotions!  In 2016, more than 18% of our US employees have earned a promotion, and it’s only September!

We want our employees to explore their career dreams fully!  Our employees are only bound by global borders. We have offices in 52 countries and have created a community where ideas and talent are shared fluidly across the globe.

Check out 5 ways iProspect builds and supports our people


How many companies out there give their employees a roadmap to success? Not many. I feel lucky to work for an organization that understands the importance of career growth. When employees join iProspect they gain access to an internal tool called Horizons. Horizons is basically a framework designed to help you navigate your career. It gives you basics like what is expected from you in your current role as well as information on how to get to the next level. Horizons also outlines all of the jobs we have across the business and details what it takes to be successful in those roles. The Holy Grail of career success is literally at your fingertips!

Client Services Mentor Program:

A vast majority of our new hires are young professionals; when they come onboard they are specifically focused on one channel of digital and are tasked with becoming a subject matter expert in that area. As employees grow their skills, many want to explore other sides of the business. The Client Services Mentor Program gives employees the opportunity to learn and understand other pieces of our business with the guidance of a senior member of the team.  This partnership allows individuals to share ideas, successes, challenges, and explore skills to further develop a career within Client Services.  

Digital Immersion Program:

Most roles at iProspect are channel specific, however we want to make sure we are constantly supporting career and personal growth in our employees. We developed the Digital Immersion Program to encourage and welcome our teams to grow their digital prowess across channels. This program gives employees the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by joining another team for 2 weeks and diving deep into that portion of the business. This gives the employee a more well-rounded view of the digital marketing landscape and a better understanding of how each channel supports one another.


Have you ever thought about moving your career abroad? We make it easy for you! Last year we rolled out a global job board called GetLiquid. This tool gives employees an all access pass to review jobs posted in the 52 countries where we operate. Our employees are our greatest asset and we want to make sure our talent stays with us should they choose to take their career international.

DAN Opportunities:

When you come onboard as an iProspect employee, you also become part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN); this is our parent company. DAN is a global marketing powerhouse with locations in 145 countries and it houses 20 different marketing agencies under the global umbrella. Hard work, determination and the DAN reach give our employees unlimited opportunities to chart careers across the network.

It’s safe to say that iProspect values their employees and supports career growth in every possible way. Check out this short video straight from the horse’s mouth; or maybe I should say straight from Eric Kanner!

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