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Paid Search Trends 2013/2014 Year-over-Year

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An executive-style quarterly report designed to help digital marketers take a strategic, performance focused approach to paid search marketing.

Paid search in 2015 will be less about purely tactical delivery and more about high-level strategy and brand experience. How a brand performs in paid search will ultimately be shaped by the ability of digital marketers to deliver value through relevance. 

In this new executive report, “Paid Search Trends: 2013/2014 Year-over-Year” Jeremy Hull, Director of Bought Media, provides an overview of the trends and corresponding opportunities relevant for brands taking a strategic, performance focused approach to paid search marketing. 

The trends and insights were developed based on an analysis of data from more than 1,250 Google AdWords accounts and represent more than 135,000 active campaigns. 

Download the iProspect Quarterly Report: Paid Search Trends.

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