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Advertisers are striving to reduce barriers between click and purchase, yet the mobile experience can differ dramatically from site to site. The "Google Buy Button" may help simplify things.

With Mobile becoming more and more a central part of everyday life as well as the search marketing equation, advertisers are continually looking for ways to reduce barriers between click and purchase. However, with mobile experiences differing dramatically from site to site, the conversion process has always left something to be desired: simplicity

Over the past year, Google has refined Shopping Ads to increase effectiveness and make interaction for users on mobile devices easy. However, in many cases, the smooth mobile path to purchase is broken when a brand’s site does not have a seamless mobile checkout process. Currently, clicking a shopping ad from your mobile device will lead you directly to the page of that particular retailer. While this works well for some sites, it doesn't work for all. 

While Google never intended to become a retailer itself, their latest announcement, called “Purchases on Google”, places it firmly in the center of online retail purchases. Previously known as “The Google Buy Button”, Purchases on Google is designed to facilitate higher conversion rates and more sales via mobile devices, which previously depended on the retailer and its site architecture. 

See how we think this is much more than a "Buy It Now" button. 

Download our POV, "Purchases on Google: A Simplified Approach to Mobile Sales" now.

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