Paid Social Trends 2017 Q2

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Highlights in this inaugural edition: Spend is up, Pinterest and Instagram impress with high growth, Facebook retains lion’s share of total spend, and efficiency is on the rise.

In the tradition of our well-known Quarterly Paid Search Trends Report, this inaugural edition of iProspect’s new Quarterly Paid Social Trends Report, identifies and analyzes key trends and developments in paid social to help you maximize your return from this always-evolving marketing channel.

Headline insights from the Q2 2017 report include:

  • Paid social spend is up overall. Paid social spend is up 132% year over year (YoY) across all iProspect clients, and 76% YoY across clients for whom we have managed paid social since Q2 of last year.
  • Pinterest and Instagram have greatest growth. Instagram and Pinterest show 257% YoY and 216% YoY growth respectively,  resulting from improvements the platforms have made to their ad products.
  • Facebook remains king of the hill. Facebook still makes up 66% of our clients’ total paid social spend, up from 51% in Q2 of 2016. While increased spend on video is a factor, investment in pixel and click-based placements is also up quarter over quarter (QoQ).
  • Spend increases are improving efficiency. Spend increases have contributed to performance improvements, which have driven cost per click (CPC) and Cost Per Video View (CPVV) down. Efficiency is increasing despite rising Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) as auctions become ever more competitive.

To learn more about what’s happening in paid social right now, what to expect for the rest of 2017, and how to get the most out of your paid social marketing efforts, download our full report for all the details.

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