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Paid Search Trends 2016 Q3

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For the first time in iProspect’s history, mobile is the leading source of paid search traffic for our clients.

In Q3 2016, for the first time in iProspect client history, mobile was the leading source of paid click share accounting for a whopping 53% of all search traffic. For the same timeframe, we continued to see decreases in traffic share for both desktops and tablets, which accounted for only 36% and 11% of overall search traffic respectively. The mobile device continues to dominate search, delivering significant YoY growth in Q3 impressions and click volume, up 126% and 68% respectively. We’re seeing ad traffic volume match up to actual searches— a direct indication that iProspect’s clients have aligned mobile paid search strategy with consumer behavior.

This is particularly significant following the October 13, 2016 announcement from Google's Gary Illyes regarding plans to divide its index, giving mobile users better and brighter content. Today, Google has a single index of documents for search, but the mobile search index will become the primary index. This will permanently change the SEO game.

As consumer behavior shifts to higher mobile usage, smart advertisers are following suit. To learn more about the implications of these trends as well as predictions for holiday shopping and the last quarter of 2016, download our full report. 

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