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Paid Search Trends 2016 Q2

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“The Year of Mobile” has already proven to be the year of advertisers finally putting significant marketing dollars behind mobile.

Q2 2016 marked some distinctive developments in Paid Search. Mobile now makes up 49% of all clicks, and mobile and tablet combined contribute an impressive 60% of the total. Impressions were up 161% and clicks up 101%! Despite the discounted mobile CPCs that drove down the price of paid search by -16%, media spend on mobile grew at an impressive 70% due to increased clicks.

That was a lot of information. But, what does it mean? Basically, marketers are fully adopting and investing in mobile advertising like never before. Over Q1, mobile ad spend is up another 17%. To put this in perspective, just one year ago desktop spend was 130% larger than mobile. Now, it is only 22% larger than mobile and this gap continues to decline dramatically each quarter. 

To learn more about the implications of these trends as well as predictions for the second half of 2016, download our full report. 

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