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Paid Search Trends 2015 Q4

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After seeing trends play out this past quarter, especially with click volumes in certain verticals like retail, mobile is officially here to stay.

Last year, we predicted that 2015 would be the year the scale would tip – the year more search queries would come from mobile devices than desktops. We were right.

Our 2015 Q4 Paid Search Trends report reveals that mobile is officially here to stay. We started seeing trends play out in Q4, especially with click volumes in verticals like retail. As this starts happening across the market in 2016, we will enter new territory. A mobile-first strategy will be the only way to win in this ever-crowded, competitive, and at times confusing marketplace.

Also, the contextual relevance around time, place, intent, likes, and rich demographic data will propel campaigns past being faceless transactions, and toward being nurtured conversations with cultivated, specific audiences. Read our full report to learn more.

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