Google RankBrain Algorithm

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Google's new intelligent answer engine, RankBrain, is now the third most important ranking factor influencing search results.

Hummingbird made Google results precise and fast. Penguin built upon authority. Panda cut through the clutter.  Caffeine gave Google girth. Google Instant concurred co-occurrence. Big Daddy built Google a new home. Combine all those years of research, retesting and refinements, and you have RankBrain, Google’s new, intelligent answer engine.

Google receives over 3 billion queries daily. About 15 percent of those queries (450 million) are completely new queries that Google has never seen before.  This is where RankBrain comes in. It uses its artificial intelligence to interpret these new queries, translate them to other related queries, define meanings, and bring back the best results to the user. 

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You can also check out our infographic showing the history of Google's engines over the years. 

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