Google Announces Upgraded URLs

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This mandatory change to landing page management in AdWords affects all Google AdWords paid search, display, and shopping (PLA) advertisers globally. Learn what you should do and when in our latest POV.

Because this change affects all AdWords users and is being rolled out on a similar timeline, it’s tempting to compare Upgraded URLs to the launch of Enhanced Campaigns two years ago. Despite some similarities, we believe the overall impact of this URL change is much smaller.

Enhanced Campaigns completely altered the way advertisers implemented bidding in AdWords, and required changes to account structure and advertiser strategy. Upgraded URLs don’t change account structure or strategy—they just require an update to the Destination URL field and a new workflow for applying tracking code to URLs moving forward. 

While the initial change to this new URL format will require planning and careful implementation, the benefits of easier tracking code management and reduced landing page crawling will in the long-term outweigh the short-term hassle of yet another AdWords mandatory upgrade. 

Download this POV to learn why Google is making this change and how to prepare for it.

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